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Links from Yellowpages are Unnatural According to Google

It was just a normal day at work. The day was going extremely well, ticked off a few things off the the to-do list, had a few giggles and a few wins. Clock ticked 5pm, about to pack up and leave and *ding* a notice about a recent reconsideration request for a client arrived in […]

Using the Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

It has been far too long since I posted anything useful on this blog, things has just been a little too hectic juggling time between family, work and leisure. If you haven’t already heard, Google are phasing out the much loved Google Keyword Tool in the coming months and encouraging the search community to use […]

Competitor Keyword Research for SEO for #seomeetup

Last week at the monthly SEO meetup in Melbourne, I was privileged to be invited to present and speak to a group of online marketers at the Honey Bar in South Melbourne. To keep it interesting and cover a range of tools, approaches and tips – I decided to cover the topic of competitor keyword […]

Great Content F#$%ing Works…Seriously

Speak to anyone who knows a thing or two about SEO, 9 out of 10 times they will tell you that “Content is King”. Read any book about online marketing, visit any blog about search and read any article about content marketing, they all convey the same message – great content should be both engaging […]

[Live] SMX Sydney ’13 – Link Building Post Penguin

Speaker Profile: Name: Phil Ohren Company: Mindshare Twitter: @phillohren Google+: Notes: Relationships is more than a <a> tag Penguin was designed to target webspam and not SEO – anyone hit by penguin was deemed to be spamming Penguin focused on 4 areas to decipher relationships Count over time Link source / Ease to obtain that […]

[Live] SMX Sydney ’13 – 10 Link Building Tools – How to use them to get links

Speaker Profile: Name: Paddy Moogan Company: Distilled Twitter: Google+: Slides: Notes: Paddy is going to map out what the link building process would look like from end to end How to do it, how to report it and how to measure it, what tools to use Download his slides here: Use bidsketch to create […]

[Live] SMX Sydney ’13 – Programmatic Optimisation

Speaker Profile: Name: Bill Hunt Company: Twitter: @billhunt Google+: Notes: Programmatic Optimisation is all about – Leverage templates, business rules and data structures to achieve optimisation scale and performance Always start with setting up Business Goals IBM catalog used to be block by spiders – WOW! Bill is showing examples of how be applied […]

[Live] SMX Sydney ’13 – 40 WordPress Tips: Security, Engagement, SEO & Performance

Speaker Profile: Name: Bastian Grimm Company: Grimm Digital Twitter: Google+: Notes: Things are officially kicking off It seems that there are a few people in the audience who have had their WordPress sites hacked Bastian runs Grimm Digital, Blue Fountain Group and Ads2People for slide deck and links in the presso Bastian is […]

[Live] SMX Sydney ’13 – Mining Your Search Keywords & Social Data for New Revenue Opportunities

Speaker Profile: Name: Jon Quinton Company: SEOGadget Twitter: @jonquinton1 Google+: Notes: We are overwhelmed with data, we generally struggle to mine the right data Jon will be cover some of the tactics they use at SEOgadget Start by understanding the user flow from the start to the end of the funnel. Identify all steps and […]

[Live] SMX Sydney ’13 – Conversion Rate Optimisation for SEO’s

Speaker Profile: Name: Jeremy Bolt Company: Bruce Clay Australia Notes: Jeremy is filling in for RIchard Baxter on Conversion Rate Optimisation CRO is all about understanding people and real people Creating desires and influence at different touchpoints CRO is part of the SEO/PPC/SMO ecosystem – they all intersect! CRO drives better rankings, traffic and conversions […]