Happy 2013! It was hard to get back in to blogging mode after the Christmas/New Years holidays. Here you go, the very first post of 2013! What I want to share with you today is an awesome SEO training resource that I signed up to in December when I decided to take it easy while I planned the next step in my career. Introducing……DistilledU.


* This is an honest review and I am not affiliated to Distilled in any way, shape or form.

Was it for me?

Since I started out my career as an SEO, I have read through tonnes of blogs, articles, books and attended several conferences to constantly keep myself educated and informed on the subject matter. I have always been a massive fan of Distilled and when they announced that they would be launching a training program, I was excited to see what they had to offer. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. I was telling myself, that it is just another “SEO best practice” guide just like this and this, which were tailored for beginners and noobs who are just getting started with SEO and online marketing. My oh my, how wrong I was! The guys at Distilled had done a fantastic job in putting together DistilledU to cater for everyone from the amateur to the more advanced. So, was it the right decision for me to sign up? HELL YEAH!

Learning from the best in the industry

DistilledU Awesome Tutors

The team that put together DistilledU comprise of familiar faces in the industry. Some of which you might recognise from the SEOmoz blog. These guys are thought leaders in the online marketing space, if you like reading their blog posts, you would definitely benefit from the syllabus that they have put together. Their tag line “Learn SEO the Distilled Way”, I certainly got that vibe when I was completing every module.

Great resource for SEOs of all skill level

DistilledU Modules

As I mentioned before, I have read through many books and training resources on SEO over the years. DistilledU has balanced the training modules very well to cater to the noob and advanced SEOs. For any marketers who are just starting out on SEO, the training modules are extremely easy to follow and has been put together in easy to understand language with no excessive use of technical jargons. For the more advanced SEO peeps, you will be surprised what you can learn from DistilledU. I most certainly picked up a few things that I thought I knew. I strongly believe that you should never stop learning and always stay hungry for more. If you working in an agency and have juniors under your wing, I highly recommend this as a training resource, should be a no brainer to convince your boss fork out the money, see the pricing at the bottom of the post.

Awesome interactive format

DistilledU Interactive Lessons

Just like any training resources, every lesson has great images, video and curated content. What makes DistilledU different from the rest is their interactive exercises which allows you to get your hands dirty. After you complete each module/lesson, there is a lesson to test your knowledge. Above is an example, testing my knowledge of search operators, box turns green if you get the correct answer. Will Critchlow posted examples and extracts from DistilledU on SEOmoz here. In addition to the interactive modules, there are also Q&A questions throughout as well:

DistiiledU Q&A

Bonus content

DistilledU Bonus Videos

This was the icing on the cake for me. As part of the DistilledU enrolment, you get access to Searchlove conference video recordings where it features some of the heavy hitters in the industry. For someone like who do not have the privilege to attend awesome conferences like Searchlove because it is half way around the world, this is a massive BONUS. Why is this a big fat bonus, here’s why: if you were to get access to the Searchlove videos separately, it would cost you $399, enrolment to DistilledU is only $40 per month.


$40 per month is pretty affordable, in my opinion. DistilledU is still growing, just look at the roadmap. There’s plenty more goodies to come. There are no contracts, you can cancel at anytime. With the great content that is coming up and the bonus content, it is great value for money. If you are still in two minds, just sign up for the demo which is completely FREE. What are you waiting for?




What have I achieved with DistilledU