Speaker Profile:

Name: Paddy Moogan

Company: Distilled





  • Paddy is going to map out what the link building process would look like from end to end
  • How to do it, how to report it and how to measure it, what tools to use
  • Download his slides here:
  • Use bidsketch to create cool proposals to share with clients if you are a freelancer – create proposals in minutes
  • Use it to sell link building
  • Searchmetrics is an awesome tool to monitor status of link profile – it provides more visbility if you cannot get access to analytics during the pitch process
  • You must start a link profile analysis before start building links
  • Find what you and have and need before u kick off
  • Tom Anthony’s Link Profiler tool is great to graph moz metrics for analysis
  • Linkdetective categorises type of links – my favourite
  • Project planning doesn’t get talked about enough in SEO
  • Distilled uses Trello to plan SEO projects – share boards with clients and give them transparency
  • Planscope is another project planning tool for workflow and time tracking
  • Create content that deserves links
  • Use Google related searches to gather content ideas
  • scrapes ideas from multiple sources – this is definitely in my toolbox
  • Quora can help with content creation greatly – ask a question on QUora about your content idea and let the community do the research for you
  • Paddy likes using Odesk to get cheap resource for research
  • Piktochart and Infogram to create infographics really quickly – use these to create a proof of concept. Test it and then invest with a proper designer.
  • Tableau is great for quick visualisation by plugging in a data set
  • Twitter Bootstrap is quick and easy way to knock a website together
  • Paddy is getting in to some pretty advanced tech to create cool looking tools and interactive infographics
  • Super scrollorama for scroll animation
  • Broken link finder tool gets a mention
  • atomatically opens up a list of URLs in the browser for link prospecting
  • Linksy email finder to find a email of a person
  • Scraper in Chrome can easily scrape URL list on a SERPs when link research and prospecting – time saving with 2 clicks scrape
  • BuzzStream is the BEST outreach tool – it keep track of communication with bloggers/webmasters. Great for a large team of link builders
  • Rapportive is great to provide information about a person and customise emails for outreach
  • Text Expander in Mac allows shortcodes to pull in outreach templates loaded quickly
  • Always follow up when you are link buidlign and outreaching
  • Use Boomerang which is a GMail add-on to remind you with an email notification. Create canned responses to insert a template for easy customisation
  • is a similar tool
  • Link monitoring, you can use SEOtools for Excel, Mozscape API by SEOgadget, Buzzstream and Raven
  • Linstant! Discovers new links immediately via email

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