Speaker Profile:

Name: Rand Fishkin

Company: SEOmoz

Twitter: @randfish

Google+: https://plus.google.com/111294201325870406922/posts


  • Rand just walked in to the conference hall, no yellow pumas though
  • Dowload Rand’s slide bit.ly/mightynudge
  • The title of the presentation has changed to The Nudge is Mightier Than the Sword
  • Rand is taking us on a journey with examples of social conformity
  • Automatic system trumps reflective system
  • some signals are more effective than others
  • Instead of bludgeoning ppl and algos, nudge instead
  • Nudge users to click your listings
  • nudge google to rank
  • nudge blog reader to share
  • nudge tweeters to share
  • Don’t Bludgeon
  • Don’t be in your face with SEO, don’t be aggressive. NUDGE
  • 12 tips to nudge for marketing
    • Employ social proof through user generated reviews (Rand shows eg of Yelp, Pinterest and Amazon)
    • Play the name game (use aspirational naming – it converts better. Instead if silver gold packaged. Call it growth, pro, etc)
    • Anchor your audience (Grasshopper as example displaying prices in reverse. Brought a larger conversion rate, numerical anchoring)
    • Limit choice (Don’t over populate pages with social sharing buttons. Rand using example from Social Media Examiner. Too many choices confuses users, makes it harder for users to decide. Another example OKtrends blog, an online dating blog. Awesome functionality when you scroll, social engagement functionality is awesome. Timing is perfect. Lots of testing went in to that blog. Facebook like button get the best ROI for them based on testing of different social sharing buttons. Moz is going to be testing and publishing results of their own. Another good example is RIngcentral – great testing of different pricing structures. Fewer choices led to more conversions.)
    • Serve up behavioral data (The more specific data is the ore relevant data nudges are. Social connection is a simple powerful way to nudge those actions. Rand recommends reading Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. )
    • Don’t Make Them Think (Rand using Obama campaign as an example of landing page testing. Simpler landing page has 5% better conversion rate. Not forcing some to think at all works better. People like quick and easy even if it means more steps)
    • Tap the Power of Reciprocation (Urban airship sends out free skateboards for reciprocal conversations. Moz use reciprocation all the time with giving away free advice with Whiteboard Fridays, case studies, transparency. Giving stuff away makes people happy. Give and you shall receive. A user will visit the website 7 times before they sign up with a free trial on Moz. )
    • Familiarity Biases Our Behaviour (Users affiliate themselves with brands that they know, they are bias when they search.)
    • Brand Recognition Nudges Clicks
    • Quality + Consistency + Repetition = Good Branding
    • Use Ego & Competition to Drive Participation (Empower users and make them feel like they matter. Example used is with Isidewith…website. When you complete the quiz you get “Because of you, 25 people have taken this quiz”.)
    • Leverage the Power of Defaults (Example Rand used is the payment system at the back of NYC cabs. Default options make higher tips more prevalent. Default embed code means Sldeshare controls the links and the anchor text.)
    • Nudge over time, not all at once (Example used from Microsoft Surface EDM campaign. They sent a series of EDMs, each containing small actionable tips rather than one EDM with everything crammed in it. Small actionable and bite size information works better. Multiple, shorter request for actions works and converts better)
    • Embedded Steps can Create Powerful Nudges (Rand uses example of app gaming, social sharing within games are genius. When you complete a level, incentivise users with credits when you tweet and FB share. Embedded steps allow steps that users can complete. Putting share buttons in to the process makes participation goes skyhigh)
  • Rand recommends Nudge by Richard Thaler
  • Rand is AWESOME!
  • It is Q&A time….
  • Rand reckons SEO will still be around in 10 years, it is going no where. SEO is a tactic and should be part of an overall marketing strategy.
  • Good question about how Moz uses nudges for their own properties. Rand says that Fresh Link Explorer, they have applied lots of nudges with simplicity, etc. He would love to try price anchoring, giving away free stuff.
  • Brand and link co-occurrence will be strong ranking factor according to Rand.
  • New ranking factor study will be out in July

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