Speaker Profile:

Name: Jeremy Bolt

Company: Bruce Clay Australia


  • Jeremy is filling in for RIchard Baxter on Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • CRO is all about understanding people and real people
  • Creating desires and influence at different touchpoints
  • CRO is part of the SEO/PPC/SMO ecosystem – they all intersect!
  • CRO drives better rankings, traffic and conversions – it’s an integrated play
  • The CRO and SEO intersects in these areas:
    • Information Architecture
    • Content Strategy
    • Landing Page Design
    • User Journey
    • Build – Technical
  • CRO only works when you have good amounts of traffic for a good sample size
  • 3 reasons why you should care about CRO:
    • customers leaving you
    • you’re leaving money on the table
    • your competitors are already testing
  • Demographics and Psychographics play a big role in CRO – understand who your users are!
  • Map CRO initiatives based on the user intent funnel
  • Map keywords based on the user intent/journey funnel as well
  • Psychographics is all about understanding why users are and not converting on your website
  • Design should be user focused, not what the marketing, IT or CEO thinks is good
  • Relevance is important – is the page addressing the needs, wants and desires of the user
  • You have to answer what value is the page to the user. Use the so what? test. What is the unique proposition?
  • What are the call to actions? Make it obvious. Provide confidence signals on the page. Security pages, etc.
  • Start creating a conversion funnel and start analysing the loss at each stage of the funnel
  • Track the user takes, navigating and converting
  • Have a persuasion architecture – provide persuasion signals at every step of the user journey to help users along the way
  • Have clear navigation, clear language, clear CTA and clear reminders
  • There are 2 types of CRO testing: A/B split tests and Multivariate testing
  • Sorry guys, gotta cut this one short, off to another session in the other room

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