Speaker Profile:

Name: Ben Bale

Company: Weber Shandwick (CMG)




  • Be an authority by meeting people, Ben Bale is taking us back to 1940’s and how they did it back then
  • Google is taking authorship seriously to clean up the SERPs and start rewarding authoritative authors
  • 4 things you need to take action on: Be visibile with G+ and rel=author, Be connected (create real relationships – be human), Be a prepared author, Be accessible
  • Authorship = Real People = Relationships = Links & Shares
  • Be a real person and not troll on the web. Be a real person with credibility.
  • If you are going to say something negative, be prepared with a backup and transition plan
  • Be an accessible author, live the brand and provide transparency. Let users in to the values of the company, be transparent. Great a loyal following
  • Authority comes from a real person
  • Real people has a past and a future, it doesn’t start and end with rel=author
  • It comes from being visibile, connected, prepared and accessible

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