Speaker Profile:

Name: Phil Ohren

Company: Mindshare

Twitter: @phillohren



  • Relationships is more than a <a> tag
  • Penguin was designed to target webspam and not SEO – anyone hit by penguin was deemed to be spamming
  • Penguin focused on 4 areas to decipher relationships
    • Count over time
    • Link source / Ease to obtain that links
    • anchors
    • Sorry…..wifi got cut off…
  • The new disavow tool enables Google to see the links we think are spam – user generated link reporting
  • Despite everything, spam still works in Australia…it is alive and well
  • Phil used “Credit Cards” as an example – a website with blatant spam ranking highly for that keyword
  • Phil covers Portent’s spam study
  • Introduce a risk vs reward when you are looking at your links
  • Manage your link profiles with Cognitive SEO which combines all data sources from Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs. Export to CSV and analyse, slice and dice
  • Phil recommends to manually remove links by either nofollowing or taking down the link before using the disavow tool by Google
  • overlays algo updates to GA data
  • Link Detox is a tool that Phil likes to use as well – it is a semi automated link profile management
  • Netcomber by ex-googler Andre eposes website relationships between websites
  • Stop link building and sart link earning through relationships
  • Look at the market leading website, analyse their link profile and try and achieve better results
  • 60% brand 20% non-brand 20% ontopic/generic
  • Do genuine guest blogging – form real relationships. Don’t stress and worry about links. Integrate your efforts with Media, PR and social teams.
  • Quality content only ticks the Panda box, you need HIGH VALUE content
  • Performa a gap analysis and identify content opportunities according to the conversion funnel
  • Great content and HIGH VALUE = shortcutts
  • Evergreen content – Seomoz algo change history
  • If you are stuck for ideas, engage creative and PR teams.
  • Use creative commons, allow other users to use your content
  • Links that drive traffic have higher value
  • Seed content and create some ripples
  • You can also use paid media to seed content like outbrain, taboola and disqus
  • You will get comments, shares and most importantly links!
  • Advertorials are OK – nofollow it!
  • identify social influencers – Problogger Darren Rowse used as an example
  • Invite authors to contribute to your blog – adds credibility to your websites through recognition

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