Speaker Profile:

Name: Jon Quinton

Company: SEOGadget

Twitter: @jonquinton1



  • We are overwhelmed with data, we generally struggle to mine the right data
  • Jon will be cover some of the tactics they use at SEOgadget
  • Start by understanding the user flow from the start to the end of the funnel. Identify all steps and help them transition from each step and make it seamless
  • Need (is it addressing a problem/need) -> Search (Fast answer) -> View (Do i trust this?) -> Purchase (can i complete my goal)
  • GO back to basics and define how a brand can help
  • Start by defining business goals (traffic? sales? engagement? social shares?)
  • Tip 1: Identify why people search
  • Jon is using the example of beach holidays with users that are famlies, couples, elderly crowd, thrill seekers, etc.
  • Focus on the audience that you want to target
  • Map out keywords based on intent and audience types. Instead of just targeting broad keywords like beach holidays, target super targeted keywords like relaxing beach holidays
  • Q&A sites is a great way of identifying what users are looking for. Quora and Tripadvisor
  • Jon uses Chroms Scraper and Google Docs using Xpath to scrape Q&A sites
  • Scraper will scrape all topics based on a keyword search to allow scalability – generate content and topic ideas
  • FOur Seasons website are doing this really well…content, website an keyword targetting is spot on (very audience driven)
  • Tip 2: Identify the weak points on your website
  • Export non-brand keywords from GA, generate a list of keywords in excel
  • Get the full URL and start pulling in the search volme and on-page data with SEO TOols for Excel with Niels BOsma
  • You end up with referral keyowds, landing page, traffic – start identifying good/bad keyword match
  • Start looking at proportion of matches vs missed opportunities
  • Use Excel skills to start graphing up cool data such as top ten bounced terms that are a non match
  • TIP 3: Identify influencers in your space
  • Followerwonk is great for identifying influencers on Twitter – search and sort by social authority
  • Its not just the who and its how and why they are influencers
  • Use the compare users report in followerwonk – find deeper common connections
  • is another tool that Jon uses to identify how and why those people are influencers
  • Tip 4: Find out what your influencers are sharing
  • This is useful when you are trying to pitch content to. Identify what influencers like and know which buttons to push.
  • Allmytweets is a tool that can pull in all tweets for a specific person – scrape with Chrome Scraper to get the domain and URL that the influencer is sharing
  • Take the URL and domain that is commonly shared, start identifying where these influencers hang out online and what are they sharing
  • Tip 5: Find the most shared authors
  • Get the list of domains in tip 4, use seotools for excel with xpath to start pulling in author information
  • scrape rel=author =XpathonURL
  • Then you pull in social metrics with SEOtools for Excel – you can then find out which authors and content are successful
  • Tip 6: Identify what’s Hot
  • Use Google Trends drilled down to youtube only to identify hot trends
  • GO and see Diesel’s awesome days to live campaign
  • Tip 7: Find ways to do things better
  • Find the demand with keyword research
  • Jon uses example of pension calculators…great awesoem and better calculators
  • Tip 8: Use Conversion Rate Optimisation to test
  • is great to get recordings on how user interactions
  • Tip 9: Use Real Metrics
  • Measure multiple goals for your content (email sign ups with event tracking)
  • Monitor internal search – unlocks insight as to how users are interacting with the website. Is your content helping users
  • Is new content required?
  • Monitor customer service phone hours. Try to move the most common questions to the website and start tracking the impact of new content on customer enquiries
  • Monitor user perception and sentiment
  • Use Olark for live customer service
  • Monitor forums and review websites
  • Use google Alerts
  • Tip 10: Keep Hunting and Repeat!
  • Keeping finding new data and be creative
  • Great job JON – awesome speaker

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