Speaker Profile:

Name: Bill Hunt


Twitter: @billhunt



  • Programmatic Optimisation is all about – Leverage templates, business rules and data structures to achieve optimisation scale and performance
  • Always start with setting up Business Goals
  • IBM catalog used to be block by spiders – WOW!
  • Bill is showing examples of how be applied his programmatic optimisation when he was at IBM where he was the only search guy looking after a Global company
  • simplified and reduced template resulting in savings of 3k annual man hours
  • IBM created a uniform XML sitemap tech that resulted in 98% of pages indexed and 150% redirection of error
  • Intro paragraph improved snippet relevance and clicks by 3000%
  • IBM saw 82% of tier 1 phrases in all markets ranking on page 1
  • 8000% increase in traffic in first 30 days
  • Exponential increase in sales immediately after indexing
  • Inclusion, relevance, authority, clickability – SEO pillars
  • Realign priorities to Scale, create a framework to help with programmatic optimisation
  • Maximise templates at the design level – make sure designers understand template opportunities and risks. Find the person responsible.
  • develop building rules into CMS integration
  • Optimising the templates reduces the amount of work necessary in the local markets
  • Set rules within the CMS – what is the title structure, meta data structure, etc
  • Have fail process in template – if SEO is no good and compliant, do not publish
  • Mark up wireframes from creative agencies and identify issues early
  • Fight to be part of the wireframe process before it goes in to coding before it is too late
  • Bill believes that you should build the database first then the website not the other round
  • Create rules/ and formulas for meta-data structures
  • Make sure you understand your CMS in order to scale
    • How to insert content from a db
    • template creation and restrictions
    • page management
    • error management
    • redirect management
  • Create a workflow structure on the web development process and start identifying where SEO should be involve and where QA needs to be
  • Bill uses SEO for Firefox to evaluate keyword frequency audit on a page
  • Segment your XML sitemaps by product categories, lines of business and country
  • Great for engines and great for management
  • Eaier to monitor crawl rates
  • Ensure that XML sitemaps have less than 1% error rate
  • Verify URLs in sitemaps with Screaming frog to ensure that they return 200
  • Make sure the format is CORRECT
  • Create a Search Engine Style guide for conformity – incorporate SEO guide in negotiations with developers
  • Have a content colloboration matrix – find our what resources are available in-house
  • Leverage scorecards for governance
  • Monitor Duplicate title tage in GWT – listen to what google tells you in GWT
  • Tools – Bing and Google Webmaster Tools, SCreaming Frog, ISS SEO tools, SEO tools for excel

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