Speaker Profile:

Name: Marty Weintraub

Company: Aimclear

Twitter: @aimclear




  • Marty opens up SMX with optimising humans using Facebook data
  • Community managers know little about cold call outreach
  • Easily use Facebook ads data for audience research data
  • Marty is using Levi’s as an example and how to target users who are interested in Levi’s jeans
  • Facebook allows direct message to users who has liked a page if privacy settings have not been changed
  • Best way to make friends = Being friendly (stalk a little bit)
  • Initiate contact with users by using the Know Me, Love Me mentality/model
  • Best advice ever, the best way to make friends and fans is to be friendly and approachable
  • Data driven outreach is key for online marketers
  • Find the right conversations and map keywords in that manner – map your converting keywords to conversations on FB
  • Most social media communities limit the ability to find recent conversations except Twitter
  • Internal advanced search in Twitter is GOLD for recent conversation data
  • Use the advanced search to filter away noise
  • Find non-commercial users
  • Use Followerwonk to get more data – bad ass tool to breakdown user data by geogrphical location
  • Hootsuite has a nifty advanced search functionality as well
  • Socialbro is another community management tool recommended by Marty
  • Use site: search parameter with keyword to mine conversation ( kitten comments)
  • Look for conversations that have high engagement (shares, comments, etc)
  • Google+ does not provide any good data – the best way to find conversations is to user site: operator with negative keywords
  • For example: search engine watch -land
  • Mozenda is a tool to check out to setup alerts in Outlook
  • site: operator also works in Baidu and other foreign search engines to find more conversations – international data FTW
  • Social distribution is not free anymore – unless you pay Facebook
  • Blog design needs to be setup with FB open graph to higher engagement – choose the right image, understand where words get cut off
  • Social is not free anymore. It’s about paid organic amplification. Run content strategy through your FB wall
  • Amplify your content by paying for some ads – you get control with organic amplification ads
  • A FB ad can drive traffic to both FB page and website/content
  • FB ads can drive significants amount of traffic to the website through content ampplification
  • Marty spent 18 bucks in FB ads from targeting advertising people and editors, etc. Landed an AdAge for an interview, link and recognition – BOOM!
  • Apply the keyword research mentatlity to social media campaigns – use paid tools for organic optimisation
  • Be creative with FB data and map to persona – use precise interest in FB
  • Occupation targeting in FB unlocks extremely valuable data – B2B B2C
  • Use common job titles for search – get in to professional depth
  • Get admin access to FB page
  • Create an ad to to target only users of FB page
  • Find out 1st degree and 2nd degree amplification reach
  • Syssomos Map to get share of voice data using keywords
  • GA social flow report is great to unlock impact on social to traffic
  • Psychographics is the future

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