First post meme

What do people usually write as their first blog post? I guess I’ll start with a little background on myself and why I’ve decided to start blogging.


My name is Jason, a Search Engine Optimisation practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. I am currently working as a SEO Manager for a global media agency and have been working in online marketing since graduating from university. Nothing gives me better satisfaction than to see SEO working in integration with other forms of media to achieve a common business objective.


I will endeavor to blog about SEO, interesting digital marketing trends and anything that interests me. This blog will also allow me to test different SEO tactics and do the things that I preach to my clients day-in day-out. I love collaborating with others, if you would like to guest post here, just get in touch. If you have a SEO-related concept or tactic that you want to test out, I would be more than happy to contribute.

When & Why? was registered in 2007, after procrastinating for 5 years, I’ve finally decided that enough is enough. Having a blog requires commitment, I will try and blog as frequent as possible, share learnings, findings and knowledge – sharing is caring =)

Most importantly, I am looking forward to connecting with more like-minded people who are passionate about search and digital marketing. Connect with me on: